This is a list of Academy members and their email addresses. I've included descriptions of the people who have sent them in and links to home pages for those people who have them.

Many SCA members have separate Web pages for their SCA activities. Clicking on someone's real name will take you to their home page; clicking on an SCA name will take you to an SCA page.

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Destini Baldonado (Safya al-Mughanniiyah bint Ziyad al-Misri)

Although educated in Geology, my first love is the bardic arts. I currently am finishing a Master's degree in Geology while doing my best in the SCA to increase the activities and presence of the bardic arts within my kingdom. My function with the Academy is a proof-reader, although someday I aspire to be able to understand enough of what's going on here to do some of the research. Once a client of the Academy, I thought it was just too cool and decided to help out where I could.

Kym Banoczi (Kymma Godric)

Amanda Bowen (Galiana de Baiona)

Amanda Bowen is a high school student from Texas biding her time until she finally attains those degrees in medieval studies and archaeology from the University of Toronto. Amanda is a very hopeful person. Galiana de Baiona is a Gascon living in Toulouse just before the start of the Albigensian Crusade. Her interests include heraldry, music, dancing, and archery.

Clare Baldock (Eleyne de Comnocke)

I was a founding member of the (now) Barony of Ildhafn, and served as its first lists officer, second seneschal and twice (including presently) as Blue Lymphad herald. I am a computer science graduate, but have since changed careers and am currently a high school chemistry teacher. I am married with a young son (born 22/3/05). I find the language and formal systems of heraldry fascinating. I am also keen on dancing, cooking, costuming and music. I have joined the Academy to improve my knowledge of period naming practices and period armoury styles.

Juan Cano (Juan del Escobar)

Mike Case (Iago ap Adam)

Curt Conrad (Conrad von Zollern)

I maintain a strong interest in persona research and development, Medieval armory, and, to a lesser degree, onomastics. I also have a keen interest in languages, especially Latin, Middle English, and Middle German. I have been "Living the Dream" since July 2001 and have been a member of the College of Arms and a warranted herald since Sept. 2002. Conrad von Zollern is a 15th Century Schwabian currently residing in Caerthe (Denver Colorado metro area). He studies archery, heavy weapons, heraldry, illumination, and woodworking. He currently serves as Liber Herald (external commentary), with a permanent rank of Pursuivant in the Kingdom of the Outlands College of Heralds. I am also an Archer of the Iron Rain which conveys a Grant of Arms.

Carolle Cox (Gerita del Mare)

Carolle is an inveterate student of entomology and words in general. She has a BS in Psychology and a background in medicine, which only serve to forward her love of words and their lore. She works for her husband. Gerita is the Venetian wife of yet another Venetian Merchant in the SCA. She reads, barely, and adds, also barely, and keeps up with her husband's business as a result.

Tina De Witt (Valdis Isbransdottir)

Valdis was born in 966 Norway and comes from a family of seafarers and merchants/traders. She first joined the SCA in September of 1984 and served as Provost in the Kingdom of Meridies during the early 90's. She currently resides with her husband in the Kingdom of Caid. Her interests include Music, anything Norse, Cooking, Costuming, Archery, Writing and Research. Valdis recieved an AoA in 1993 in Meridies.

Thomas Eastman (Dietmar von Straubing)

Rachel Gray (Anpliça dell'Isola)

Kristin Gulling-Smith (Athenais Bryennissa)

Jonnalyn Hall (Angharad ver' Reynulf)

Andrea Hicks (Maridonna Benvenuti)

Peggy J. Hicks (Bronwen o Gydweli)

Peggy lives in a castle in the country near Covington, GA, has horses, cats, and mostly Scadian roommates (currently no dogs), and has an ancient, deteriorating English degree. She joined the SCA in Meridies in A.S. XXXIII, and has never looked back. Bronwen was born in Wales in the town of Cydweli in the latter half of the 13th century, has numerous children (protégés -- not all of which are genetically related to her mysterious oft-away-campaigning lord husband), and currently is living in the early 14th century in the place of her birth under the English reign of Edward I -- still lamenting the passing of Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (the last Prince of the Blood of Wales) in 1282.

Helen Highwater (Anahita bint 'abd al-Karim al-Fassi)

Jeannette Hill (Juliana la Caminante de Navarra)

Jeannette Hill is a student at University of Arizona South, studying English with a Creative Writing Minor. She joined the SCA in 1998, and became interested in SCA heraldry in 2000, when her then-local Barony, Highland Foorde, of Atlantia, needed a Herald. Having jumped in head-first, she hasn't really come up for air yet. Juliana la Caminante de Navarra is a rich, young-ish widow who travels quite a bit. Currently, she lives in Atenvelt and her interests are: heraldry, music, bardic performances, middle-eastern dance, and water-bearing.

Richard Johnson (Einarr Grimsson)

I have been playing in the SCA for just over four years, and have been a herald for three. I am currently serving as external commentary herald for Calontir (Red Hawk Herald). In addition to being a herald I am also an apprentice chirurgeon and multiple-thumbed needleworker. I also enjoy exploring aspects of period religion and spirituality. In my mundane life I work in the educational technology field and enjoy reading, discussing religion and philosophy, and playing a variety of games (both period and modern).

Heather Rose Jones (Tangwystyl verch Morgant Glasvryn)

Mara Kaminowitz (Sabine Berard)

Zachary Kessin (Joshua ben Chaim ha Levi)

Brenda Klein (Teceangl Bach)

Ron Knight (Modar Neznanich)

I joined the SCA in 1976. I have served as Saker Herald (submissions) for the Kingdom of Calontir. Modar Neznanich is a 16th century Russian, who is a merchant of spices and other imports.

Sharon Krossa (Euphrick nyn Ken3e McHerrald)

Craig Levin (Pedro de Alcazar)

I have graduated from Catholic University of America with a Master's degree in mediaeval and Byzantine studies, and I am mundanely a research coordinator at the Brain Injury Assoc. in Virginia. I also have a master's degree in history from Ohio University. In the SCA I'm the pursuivant for the Barony of Storvik in Atlantia, with an Award of Arms.

Paul McCulloch (Winfrið æt Huntandune)

Josh Mittleman (Arval D'Espas Nord)

A software architect at Airgator. In the society, after 20 years, I'm not extremely active these days. In the past, I was a member of the College of Arms for 10 years and Brigantia Herald, principal herald of the East, for 4 1/2 years. I was the first Balance King of Arms for the Company of Saint Michael, and I occasionally still work with the company re-creating period-style tournaments. I'm a companion of the SCA orders of the Pelican, Manche, and Silver Crescent, and a companion of Saint Michael the Defender.

Bronwyn Noble (Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys)

Bronwyn Noble lives in Madison, Wisconsin, and has a degree in the History of Science with an emphasis in ancient and medieval medicine; however, she is currently disabled and making a little money on the side by making and selling jewelry. Like many others, she moved to Madison to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and never moved away. Maestres Bronwyn ferch Gwyn ap Rhys is a 13th century Welsh woman who lives quietly in Paris, and runs her own Scribal athelier. Her first position in the SCA was as a herald, although she has held various positions in both the Arts and Sciences as well as Heraldic hierarchy of two Kingdoms. She was Laureled for her skills in Calligraphy, Illumination, and Scribal Research, and was made a Companion in the Order of the Pelican for her tendency to volunteer at the drop of a hat.

Barbara Nostrand (Solveig Throndarsdottir)

Kathleen M. O'Brien (Mari neyn Bryan)

Kathrine M. O'Neal (Ekaterina Novogorodskaia)

Kathrine (called Kitty) is the youngest member of the Academy of St. Gabriel, the youngest Pursuivant at Large of the Kingdom of Ansteorra (in Onomastics), and a general layabout who enjoys badgering newcomers to the Society into Russian names. She is an Armiger, and occasionally refers to her alter-ego as Pomestnitsa, even though there's no record of a 17 year old female being the mayor of Novgorod in 1125. Ekaterina (called Iarina by close friends and family) was born to Stepan and Feodosiia, and is the fourth of a set of nine. Stepan is a wealthy landowner, who supplements the income from his properties in the country with trade in fur, regularly making the run from Novgorod to Constantinople with his eldest sons and his daughter's husbands. Ekaterina should probably be married by now, but is bookish and stubborn, and her father, who is rather fond of her, is putting it off until someone of suitable temperament can be found.

David Paradise (Lucien d'Artois)

Marianne Perdomo (Leonor Martín)

Judith Phillips (Adeliza de Saviniaco)

Valerie Putman (Yin Mei Li)

David Razler (Alexandr Traveller)

David M. Razler/ Ld. Aleksandr the Traveller, Pursuivant at Large, East; of the Shire of Barren Sands, Member at Large, SCA Grand Council, 9 years in the Society, 8 in heraldry, specializing in devices, with good background in English names and period Jewish culture - some Semetic language background and resources,  some Old and Middle English. (609) 641-3447 / 641-3376 before 11:30 p.m. Eastern.

Ronda Roberts (Muriel filia Donaldi de Skia)

Mundanely, is a 36 yr. old. single mother who writes full time and works for a temp agency. A friend in Virginia intrtoduced her to the SCA and she has been hooked ever since because of her love of history, particularly the medieval period. Upon the death of her husband from lung cancer, she moved to Oklahoma for a couple months to be with family then moved on to Austin, Texas. Persona wise, is an 11th/12th century Scottish noblewoman who relocated to the kingdom of Ansteorra, the Barony of Bryn-Gwlad from the Kingdom of Atlantia, Canton of Rivers Point (which is a part of the Barony of Caer Mear) where she served as a deputy herald to the canton and assisted in the making of scrolls and dabbled a bit in field heraldry, and was to be made deputy herald to the barony as well until she made the move to Ansteorra. Muriel serves in the Silver Fox Squadron under the command of Majestic Fox and is to join the ranks of heavy melee fighters, and aspires to some day win Crown. As of yet she has received no known awards but serves in capacity of Ambassador of Atlantia as well.

Christer Romson (Lindorm Eriksson)

I've been active in the SCA since 1985. I was interested in heraldry since I joined but have been only been doing SCA heraldry and naming actively since 1989. Mundanely I'm a Swedish computer programmer. I don't list my awards as a protest against the Society's award system!

Steve Roylance (Þorfinn Hrolfsson)

Leslie Schweitzer (Zenobia Naphtali)

I am a software engineer who maintains a strong interest in Medieval and Renaissance armory and, to a lesser degree,onomastics, with a particular interest in Renaissance Portuguese heraldry and Scots heraldry. I have been a member of the SCA (first resident in Caid, then in An Tir) since January 1984 and have been an active member of the College of Arms mailing list (either as a commenter, principal herald or submissions herald) since April 1988. I am a companion of the Orders of the Laurel and Pelican.

Brian M. Scott (Talan Gwynek)

Jeremy J. Slick (Jibra'il 'Attar.)

Jibra'il hails from the Shire of Deodar in the Kingdom of Calontir. He has served as Pursuivant for the Shire of Deodar and the Shire of La Grande Tente. A former heraldry student of HE Master Modar Neznanich, Jibra'il spends much of his time educating newcomers and making lampworked beads. His current interests in the Society have changed to focus on Persia.

Charlotte Smith (Raquel Buenaventura)

Julia Smith (Juliana de Luna)

Julia teaches anthropology at Western Oregon University, and spends way too much time thinking about heraldry and (especially) onamastics. Juliana has been in the SCA since 1993, and a herald since 1998, despite many attempts to get me started earlier. I moved to An Tir last year, but have served in various positions within the Kingdom of AEthelmearc and the College of Arms, but heraldic research, especially focusing on the Iberian Peninsula, remains my true addiction.

Brian Speer (Walraven van Nijmege)

Brian is a secondary teacher in Richmond, California; he works as a mathematics instructor and occasionally teaches computer classes. His interests in Dutch and Hungarian studies have involved him in commentary for the College of Heralds and the Academy. He has been in the Society for more than nine years, currently serving as Nebuly Herald for the Province of the Mists, and with a permanent rank of Pursuivant in the West Kingdom, where he has received an Award of Arms. His scientific background causes him to prefer the passive voice and third person for all writing.

Julie Stampnitzky

Dianne Stucki (Laurensa du Chambord)

Axel Tegtmeier (Falko von der Weser)

Alan Terlep (Alan Fairfax)

I'm a graduate student at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, although I've spent most of my life in southeastern Michigan. In the SCA I'm known as Alan Fairfax (called Fairfax, not Alan). I've been an SCA member for 10 years and have been involved in heraldry since my very first meeting. In the past I've served as Fenris Herald and Rouge Scarpe Herald in the Middle Kingdom and founded the SCAHRLDS mailing list and the Academy.

Lisa Theriot (Adelaide de Beaumont)

Jim Trigg (Blaise de Cormeilles)

Jim Trigg is a 20th C. American computer programmer working as a technical support representative for a mainframe software company. Blaise de Cormeilles is a 15th C. Frenchman living in Atlantia who studies archery, fencing, music, brewing, and heraldry.

Lowell Turner (Amant le Marinier)

Sara L. Uckelman (Aryanhwy merch Catmael)

Aryanhwy is a Welsh woman living in the early 11th century, though she regularly visits London in the 14th century. She's been in the SCA since January of 1996, and have been active in heraldry since April of that year. Within the College of Arms, she's served as external submissions herald for the Midrealm, and is currently external submissions for Drachenwald. She holds an AoA level award for reseach, and a GoA level award for service. Sara is a Ph.D. student in logic at the University of Amsterdam's Institute for Logic, Language, and Computation, writing a dissertation on medieval modal logic.

Kathy Van Stone (Elsbeth Anne Roth)

C. L. Ward (Gunnvöra Silfrahárr aka Gunnora Hallakarva)

Ursula Whitcher (Ursula Georges)

Wes Will (Eoin Caimbeul)