The Academy of Saint Gabriel

The Academy of Saint Gabriel

The Academy is a group of volunteers who research medieval names and armory. Our primary purpose is to assist members of medieval re-enactment groups like the Society for Creative Anachronism to find historically accurate medieval names and coats of arms. To this end, we maintain the Medieval Names Archive and Medieval Heraldry Archive.

Between 1996 and 2009, we also wrote individual email reports on name and armory questions. For more information, read the Academy Charter.


We've retired from writing personal research reports.

We are not official SCA heralds. We use different (and generally stricter) criteria than the SCA when we look at names and armory. Even if we say that an idea isn't historical, you might still be able to register it with the SCA. For more information, check out our longer disclaimer.

If you submit your name or arms in the SCA, you can include Academy reports in lieu of photocopies of the sources that we've cited. Send the entire letter (including headers). This has been approved by the current Laurel Sovereign of Arms. As a courtesy to the heralds who receive the letter, please highlight our references to the specific form of the name that you are submitting. Also, be aware that our opinions are not binding, and we cannot guarantee that your name will be passed by the College of Arms.

Need Help?

We offer a variety of services. We're oriented primarily to answering questions from medieval recreationists but we can answer some questions from other people. Please note that we do not answer questions about tracing your family arms or finding your ancestors. Follow the links for information on those subjects.

Old Report Information

Where's My Letter?

If you would like to know whether we received your letter, you can look it up below:

To check the status of a question that you've submitted to the Academy, enter your client number or the exact e-mail address you gave us. If you don't get a match and you're sure that you typed your e-mail address correctly, send us e-mail about it.

Search our Past Work

Use this form to search an archive of our past reports, or browse through it. The search is pretty slow.

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We also have an advanced search tool with more options.

Joining the Academy

Membership in the Academy is completely open to anyone who's interested in medieval names and armory. If you're interested in joining, or if you have any questions about the Academy, see our Members' Guide or send mail to the list administrator. To date we have about 60 members; you can look at our roster.

Linking to the Academy

If you'd like to link to the Academy's website, please read this suggestion.

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