16th and early 17th C. feminine names from Lithuanian records.

by Rebecca Lucas (ffride wlffsdotter)

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Last updated 18th October 2020.


  1. Introduction
  2. Personal Names
  3. Anthroponyms
  4. Bibliography

Anthroponyms: Titles, Nobility, Ethnicity, and Nicknames.

The most common title used in the records is variants of “Lady,” with 176 examples. “Duchess” and “Princess” together appeared 70 times, while “Land-owner” and “Nobility” was recorded twice each. Titles given to women relating to their ethnicity were only recorded for the Tatars, who were occasionally referred to as descendants of the Khan. Tatar women were identified 4 times. Čirūnaitė suggests the Tatar epithet was a way to indicate the religion of those mentioned, Islam, or their soldier social class.

Titles: Nobility

Titles: Ethnicity


In the army census documents, nicknames are rare, with only six associated with women recorded. The names marked with an asterisk (*) has been reconstructed into the nominative case, but the original grammar has been preserved in the cited examples.